About TORvidZ Software


HATE ADS and want to COLLECT some great movies / videos without malware bothering you?


This site is about software, both online and for your Windows desktop computer, that gets you to HD videos / movies on the internet.


These days the internet appears to be more about advertisements than actually satisfying your need to enjoy the videos you find.


TORvidZ Software's goal and the promise we make to you is to create Windows Software that gives you access to internet video that you can watch / record / download IN PEACE !.


It is up to you to trust that promise, which we know can be difficult to do these days.


Please install TORvidZ Software's vidQuest Desktop or Catch A Movie software to ENJOY video site's on the web without constant interuption from ads.


Use this special search engine to FIND movies from pre-selected sites on the web. After you find what you are looking for, use TORvidZ software to BLOCK the MALWARE and ADS these sites use that tend to INVADE your computer.

Remove popup and malware Ads with vidQuest Desktop


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